Terms and conditions of use

Suzkiparts4x4.com are regulated by Portuguese Law and any mention to this website should be understood as a part of the business plan of S de Aventura, Unip. Lda.

1 - General Conditions of Sale

The present conditions are intended to regulate the use of the services offered by S de Aventura, Unip. Lda. online sales, which operates through a store with physical space and through the Internet as (www.zukiparts4x4.com and www.zukipecas.pt), selling spare part for Suzuki vehicles.

The points that make up these General Conditions are binding on both intervenes as a whole in the purchase and sale agreement allowed with the customer's confirmation, given following the acknowledgment of acceptance by the order.

In accordance with article no.29th of Decree-Law no. 7/2004, of 27th January and no.1 of article 405th of the Portuguese Civil Code, which embraces the principle of autonomy and pacts between contracting intervenes.

2 - Ordering, selling, shipping and delivery process

Product information

S de Aventura, Unip. Lda., disclaims all responsibility for the validity of the content of the technical sheets and product descriptions, as well as the photographs that are used to illustrate them. In its commitment to quality and customer service, it will make every effort to ensure that products published as immediate availability are available at all times. In exceptional circumstances of multiple orders or others that cause the product to run out of stock, the order and the contract signed between both parties lose their effect. In these cases, the amount paid by the customer is fully returned to the customer in the event of prepayment, without being able to produce any indemnity in favor of either party for breach of contract, emerging damage or loss of profit.

S de Aventura, Unip. Lda. disclaims all responsibility for the use of the content and any technical sheets presented and the product descriptions, as well as the images or videos that are used to illustrate them.

Online orders, payments:

Prepayment (prepayment): By deposit or bank transfer in favor of S de Aventura, Unip. Lda. The order will be sent after receiving the amount in our account.

Prepayment (prepayment): Through Paypal system, in favor of S de Aventura, Unip. Lda., Order will be sent after receipt of the amount in our account.

Cash On Delivery: Not available for international orders.

Definitive Invoice: Once the payment is made and order shipped, S de Aventura, Unip. Lda., will issue a definitive physical invoice that will foloow with the package.

S de Aventura, Unip. Lda., alert that it will not be able to change any sale invoice afther submited in compliance with current fiscal regulations in based country. The invoice will be issued in the name of the individual or company that places the order, so the customer must ensure that he places the order with the correct data, return costs due to insufficient addresses will be charged to the customer immediately.

Delivery time: Depending on the availability of the item(s) and starting counting as long as S de Aventura, Unip. Lda., Is aware of the payment of the order. The delivery time of the goods depends on the delivery location, usually between 24 to 72 hours.
S de Aventura, Unip. Lda., in case of stock outages, the customer will be contacted in order to be informed about delivery times or to be presented with alternatives to the requested item(s).

Delivery Address: The order will be delivered to the address supplied in the order confirmation. It is not possible to change the delivery address indicated initially from the moment the order is invoiced and shipped. Before that, customer can contact by e-mail of phone to mention his changes.

The order will be delivered by the carrier, together with the is invoice containing the data that allow to identify the customer, the type of order, the price, the article and quantities. When the customer detects errors at the time of delivery of the goods received or the package is visibly damaged, he must specify the situation therein in the transport form presented by the carrier's employee and communicate the fact to S de Aventura, Unip. Lda., within 24 hours, through customer service, published on this website.

The merchandise will be covered against risks of transport, loss and manipulation at all times until it is delivered to the customer. If no fact is communicated within the period described above, the merchandise is considered to have been delivered in perfect condition. Claims after 24 hours after delivery will not be considered.

4 - Pricing Policy

S de Aventura, Unip. Lda. Reserves the right, at any time and unilaterally, to change the prices of the products and services offered.

The prices of products presented for sale by S de Aventura, Unip. Lda., Are invoiced in euros and include VAT at the legal rate. Prices are valid except for typographical errors.

All prices indicated are only valid for products in stock. In the case of products not in stock, due to the great fluctuation of prices in this area, the price will have to be confirmed and may change.

If the price listed online are incorrect the order can be canceled and the customer will be informed about that. Even if it was been already paid.


For Physical Store Purchases:

Portuguese law does not provide any mandatory for returns of products purchased directly from the physical store, except in case the right to information is broken. We therefore reserve the right to accept or not refunds.

For Onine Sales (Distance Selling)

Right of free withdrawal: In accordance with the provisions of article no.6 of Decree-Law no. 143/2001, of 26th April, the client has 14 days to resolve the contract without payment of compensation and without the need to indicate any reason. The time start counting from the day the customer receives the order.

To use the right of free resolution, the customer may contact S de Aventura, Unip. Lda., by sending a letter or e-mail.

In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the customer must keep the products in order to be able to return them in proper conditions of use and in it's original package, to the seller within a maximum period of 30 days from the returned accept date.

The carrier returns costs will be supported by the customer. Only in case of damaged by transportation or wrong items dispatched to client, the return costs can be supported by the seller.

6 - Important

In case of deterioration of the product (packaging with physical damage), wrong shipment or missing some parts, you must report it imediatly by email or phone to S. de Aventura, Unip. Lda. during the next 24 hours after delivery.

S. de Aventura, Unip. Lda. will not make any refund on used products, products without the original factory packaging, or goods that are returned incomplete.

The right of withdrawal after the stated period will not be valid for special goods or orders made according to the customer's specifications or clearly customized.

A product that has been used and/or manipulated loses value in the market, even if it is in perfect condition, so its refund value cannot be same of is purchase.

S. de Aventura, Unip. Lda. is not responsible for returns of products by the customer, or goods that are incomplete. Same for their main elements and accessories.

To use the right of free resolution, the customer may contact S. de Aventura, Unip. Lda. by registered letter or e-mail.

Any other question, don't hesitate to contact us.