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Driving Suzuki 4x4 for twenty years...

Every story starts with "once upon a time" but this story starts with the kick of the ignition of a Suzuki Samurai Pickup 1.9Diesel engine in 2001.

The fun driving it through mountain, bushes and off road tracks went to grow to a full life styling.

A lot of Zuki's passed trough our hands, and today we keep a lot of knowledge identifying some tricks and tips to every 4WD Suzuki.

We are keeping the Michio's Suzuki legacy live with hard work and keep encouraging people to drive a Suzuki.

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Based in Porto, Portugal (UTC Time zone)

We ship to all Europe. If you need a part you can't find online. Just drop us a message.

Have Fun

Keep your Zuki roling. Have fun with it. Feel the essence of simplicity.

Driving a pure Suzuki 4x4 is for growed mens only!