Jimny Death Wobble Repair KingPin Shim Kit

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    Steering wheel starts vibrating when cruising at around 80km/h or applying brakes and vibration would not stop until speed was accelerated to over 90km/h or decelerated to
    under 60km/h.

    Suspension and steering system were so sensitive to vibration caused by wheel imbalance and such.
    Because of this, the steering vibration became apparent especially when wheel imbalance between right and left became “opposite phase”.

    Need to improve the spring characteristic of front leading arm bushing and vibration transmission characteristic on front suspension.

    This kit came with 10 shims in order to adjust friction of steering system and also 2 arm bushes.

    Before repair, check if the thickness of brake disc are within standard values, balance wheels and align the steering rods.

    Jimny Death Wobble Bush

    Then replace the rear trailing arm bushes, test it and if doesn't fix, go haead with the shims insertion.:

    1) Add one shim each between kingpin and bearing to upper LH and RH;
    2) Test it;
    3) If keep with the problem, add also one shim each between kingpin and bearing to lower LH and RH;

    Jimny Death Wobble Repair kit

    After adding shim, remove oil seal, tie-rod, and drag rod which are assembled on steering knuckle. And then, after shaking knuckle right and left around 20 to 30 times, measure start-up load by hooking a spring balance to tie-rod fixing hole of knuckle arm (which extends toward the rear of vehicle).

    Make sure start-up load is 4.6kg(45N) or less.

    Jijmny Death Wobble Shims
    Please make sure start-up load should stay 4.6kg(45N) or less. If start-up load exceeds 4.6kg(45N), it might cause loss of steering returning performance or/and damage of kingpin bearing.

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    Jimny Death Wobble Repair KingPin Shim Kit

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    Jimny Death Wobble Repair KingPin Shim Kit